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  Profile (Message From The Management)

          With the optimum utilization of advanced technologies and with the appropriate selection of materials in design and process, we have been manufacturing and merchandising products that appeal to the human sensitivity in brightness, luster and color.
         Our wish and challenge are to provide clients all over the world with the best quality decorative parts, and at last are realized in the kingdom of Thailand.
         Our quality products are widely seen in the countries across the borders and nation. Although the product manufacturing technology was established in Japan, our focus is increasingly expanding worldwide.
         The need of the best quality product has no country borders. Marui Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. As           
Thailand registered company is intending to fulfill this need and to make a contribution in the economic growth and the technological advancement in the kingdom of Thailand
         We look forward to receiving your support and encouragement.

Details of the company business
          Automotive part, motorcycle parts, ship part, audio parts, home electric appliance part, computer part, communication equipment part, other decorative parts,

Product Process
           moldings (single two colors)
           plating, painting, laser,pad printing assembling

Established: January 30, 2007

Paid in capital: 600,000,000 Bahts

Marui Industrial co.,Ltd.60%                                                                                                                            Marui Sum (Thailand) co.,Ltd. 40%                                                                               

Board of Director and Contact to Japan:
President                              Mr.Tetsu Nakazawa                                              Director                                Mr.Yutaka Nozawa                                              Director                                Mrs.Chuencheewan Neesang        
Director                                Mr.Bancha  Neesang
Director                                Mr.Akihisa Miura                                                    Director                                Mr.Hisao Tateishi                                                   Director                                Mr.Kazuhiro Watanabe

Business collaboration with :
Marui Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Marui Sum (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
C.B. Paint Ltd., Part.

Relationship of Business collaboration
Marui Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Has a function as Thailand manufacturing facility of Marui Sum (Thailand) and Marui Industrial Co., Ltd. While Marui Sum (Thailand) and Marui Industry are in charge of sales business/development function

Contact in Japan :
Marui Industrial Co.,Ltd.
STC Bldg.3F 2-18-16 Ofuna, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan 247-8502      Phone:0467-44-4151  Fax : 0467-46-3322

Marui Sum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
53 Moo 21 Tambol Saladang Amphur Bangnunprew Chachoengsao 24000
Phone : 0-38845-303 Fax : 0-38845-527





Mr.Takao Hirai

President Of Marui Group


  Mr.Tetsu Nakazawa    President





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